The Small Enterprise Foundation (SEF) is a not-for-profit, pro-poor microfinance institution working towards the eradication of poverty by creating a supportive environment where credit and savings services foster sustainable income generation, job creation and social empowerment.

SEF Development Facilitator wins Whole Planet Foundation’s Field Officer Appreciation Award

Whole Planet Foundation acknowledges the achievements of microfinance Field Officers around the globe. In July 2014, they piloted a new Field Officer Appreciation Award in the Africa/MENA region. In total, this region includes 22 partner institutions that collectively employ more than 6,000 Field Officers.

Two Approaches to Measuring and Understanding Poverty

SEF uses the PWR and PPI tools to understand and track poverty levels among clients. Both tools are unique in their purpose and approach. This case study examines how each tool supports SEF’s activities, and how the two tools can be used in tandem.

SEF Receives M-CRIL Social Rating - "alpha"

SEF has received and updated1 α (alpha) Social Rating by the independent, international microfinance rating firm M-CRIL, Micro-credit Ratings International Limited. M-CRIL is the world’s leading microfinance rating agency and have done over 480 financial and social ratings in 27 countries.

1NGO, {1stUpdate}

SEF Advanced Certification for PPI Standards of Use

SEF has successfully complied with the Progress out of Poverty Index standards of use, Advanced Certification.

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