SEF Receives M-CRIL Social Rating - "alpha"

SEF has received and updated1 α (alpha) Social Rating by the independent, international microfinance rating firm M-CRIL, Micro-credit Ratings International Limited. M-CRIL is the world’s leading microfinance rating agency and have done over 480 financial and social ratings in 27 countries.

1NGO, {1stUpdate}

SEF Advanced Certification for PPI Standards of Use

SEF has successfully complied with the Progress out of Poverty Index standards of use, Advanced Certification.

Fulfilling the Promise (English)

SEF is featured in this short film which promotes the practice of "social performance management" amongst microfinance organisations.

Spanish, French and Arabic versions of Fulfilling the Promise

Nobel Peace Prize goes to Professor Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank

On 13 October 2006 the Nobel committee announced that the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize had been awarded to Professor Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank. This is in recognition of "their efforts to create economic and social justice from below".

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